About OBLONE Software

We are a dynamic company created in 2009 specialized in game development and multimedia applications.
Our experienced team has the know-how to design, implement, test and deliver high quality products, using the latest technologies and most efficient development methodologies.

Since 2010 we provide outsourcing services.
Working with companies in the gaming industry, we add value to their products by offering the best solutions.
We are currently developing applications for PC, Mac and mobile devices.


For business inquiries, drop us a line:


Our products

The latest of our own products, Frogzzled is a puzzle game for iOS.
With clever levels and beautiful graphics, this is a game for the whole family to enjoy.

Sun Blast, the first PC game compatible with a Wii Remote.
A fast paced arcade space shooter which revives the old-school gameplay, with modern graphics and futuristic setting.

Tripsimus and the Magic Lettuce is a 2d side scroller game for PC.

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